Basics of Newborn Baby Toys

Every parent wants what is best for their baby. We all want to make sure that we get our newborn off on the right foot and give them all the tools necessary to grow and develop properly. Most new parents may think that they need to focus solely on feeding, changing, sleep, and bathtub accessories. While these are all crucial to the survival and cleanliness of a newborn, other things are also necessary. To help support motor development, cognitive develop and social and emotional growth of your baby, all parents should also invest in newborn toys.

Newborn baby toys are not a waste of money. Rather, they are a wonderful investment in the future of your child. Most toys can be used from the first few weeks of life and will be enjoyed for the first year of life. They can be passed down to friends and family members and will be used for a long time.


Before purchasing any baby newborn toy, you need to make sure that they are safe for babies to use. They should contain no small parts, should not be able to break, and should contain only non-toxic materials. Since babies will put anything and everything in their mouths, safety should be the number one concern for all parents. All baby toys will include safety guidelines that parents should read and follow. If you are uncomfortable with any toy, you can avoid giving it to your baby. There are thousands of different safe options for your baby that will help support their development and growth.

Motor Skills Development

One of the main benefits of using baby toys is that they can promote the motor skills of your baby. If you lay a baby down on the floor without any toys or things to reach for, they may be lacking proper motor skills. Newborn toys encourage movement and will help your baby properly develop all necessary movements and muscles.

For instance, if you give your newborn a rattle they will develop their grasping muscles and learn how to reach and grab the things that they want. Rattles that attach to the wrists and feet are a great option because they allow your baby to find their hands and feet. As they move these muscles and reach for the toys they will increase their strength and develop their motor skills. Other toys that are ideal for motor development include mobiles, play mats, and hanging toys. These toys all encourage your baby to reach up and grab things. Play mats can also help support babies during tummy time and help to strengthen their muscles in the back, head, and neck. They will help reduce the risk of flat heads and encourage babies to reach for new things on the mat.

Cognitive Development

From the time a baby is born, they are taking in everything in their surroundings and learning everything. Giving a child toys is just another way to improve their cognitive development. The more patterns and textures that a newborn is exposed, the more they are able to learn. Try giving your baby toys that stimulate their senses. This will help them learn about the world that they are in.

Other toys that teach cause and effect are wonderful for children to play with. These toys can be used in newborns but will likely be enjoyed for babies up to one year old. Giving babies safe toys that demonstrate cause and effect will start children out on the path to success. For instance, a rattle that makes noise when you move it or a piano that lights up when you touch it will show children that they are in control of things and that there is a reaction when they move. This will encourage brain development and get them excited about playing more.

Emotional and Social Growth

One of the most difficult things to teach newborns is emotional and social development. This is particularly hard to teach a first born. If you are able to read to your newborn and let them play with non-chewable books, this can help teach emotions and social development to children from a young age. Many people do not consider books to be a toy, but in reality, they are one of the best toys that every child should have. If you are a new and expecting mother, you may want to ask every family to bring a book to your baby shower instead of a card. This is a great way to start a library collection and encourage cognitive, social and emotional learning for newborns and beyond.

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