Changing Pads: What to Look For

Newborns need as many as 12 diaper changes in a single day. Keeping baby’s diaper fresh and clean reduces diaper rash, skin irritations and, of course, ensures the baby has that lovely scent everyone loves. Along with diapers and wipes, a diaper changing pad is a necessary part of diaper changes. This item will be used every time you change your baby’s diaper.

Diaper changing pads prevent messes during the diaper change. They also provide a clean, sanitary space to lay babies so they are not directly on a couch or a chair. When you are out and about with your bundle of joy, changing pads always prove helpful when changing diapers in strange places.

Since the diaper changing pad will be used over and over again, spend time researching the choices before purchase. Not every diaper changing pad is created equally. It makes sense to do your research before buying a changing pad since it is used so often.

Look for the following key features when buying a diaper changing pad. These features ensure you get a pad that is comfortable and safe for the baby that also makes changing diapers a little easier.

Feature 1: Waterproof Protection

Waterproof protection is the most important feature to look for in a diaper changing pad. Diaper changes are so often a messy experience. A waterproof cover prevents liquids from seeping inside the pad. Leaks can lead to mildew or mold. Waterproof pads clean easily with a damp cloth and most can be tossed into a washing machine for thorough cleaning.

Feature 2: Comfortable Material

Making sure the baby is comfortable during diaper changes to help the process go smoother and quicker. Babies dislike diaper changes because they stop them from doing their own thing for a few seconds. Supportive foam material that is durable and firm, but still comfy, ease baby’s tension so diaper changes are not as dreadful anymore. With a good changing pad, you’ll get through the process faster and easier.

Feature 3: Contoured Design

Contoured sides provide a comfortable surface for babies with extra cradling action so they do not roll off the surface. Special pads feature a three-sided design with added cushioning for the baby’s head.

Feature 4: Straps

Another feature designed to help keep the baby safe, safety straps allow you to keep baby in place during diaper changes. Baby’s tend to roll and turn during diaper changes. This makes it difficult to change their diaper and causes some safety concerns. One strap on each side of the diaper changing pad strap together across the baby’s abdomen during the diaper change to prevent him from rolling around or falling. The pad should feature anchoring straps that attach to the changing table or a wall.

Feature 5: Certifications

Choose a baby changing pad with certifications for added peace of mind. Although not necessary, certifications are quite nice to have. Certified changing pads meet the ASTM standard, ensuring their safety during use. Some changing pads may feature Greenguard Gold certification as well. This added certification indicates the pad has been tested and certified at a third-party laboratory.

How Much Will a Diaper Changing Pad Cost?

Diaper changing pads are inexpensive, sold wherever baby products are sold. The price of the changing pad varies from one product to another. Factors like the brand, size, and features influence the price. Most changing pads cost $10 or less, and some diaper bags include them inside.

Choosing a changing pad for diaper changes using the information above helps find a quality product. Such a product lasts longer and eases diaper changes when baby is less than cooperative. Do not purchase the first diaper changing pad you find!

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