Diaper Recommendations for Sensitive Newborn Skin

There’s nothing softer than newborn skin, and you’ll find that you have to be extra careful with your baby to make sure that their skin doesn’t get irritated. There’s a lot of different ways that your baby can develop things like a rash or eczema, and the type of diaper that you’re using can make a big difference in their skin. Unfortunately, not all baby diapers are made the same, and there are certain brands and types that are gentler than others.

Cloth Diapers
If you’re willing to take on cloth diapering your baby, this is really gentle on the skin. Instead of a scratchy disposable version, a cloth diaper provides a very comfortable alternative that won’t rub the skin in an irritating way. Just make sure that you understand the process of cleaning the diapers. You want to avoid a buildup of any bacteria in the cloth, which could also lead to irritation. Using special cloth diaper detergent will help with the cleaning process, and you should stay away from anything with a strong perfume fragrance.

All-Natural or Organic Diapers
Disposable diapers are made by certain brands that use only natural or organic materials in their construction. Materials like organic cotton are used to avoid irritation. You may pay a little bit extra for these varieties, but it’s worth it when it comes to what you’re putting on your baby’s skin. You absorb chemicals very easily through the skin, and babies are just as susceptible to this.

Name Brand Disposable Diapers
Through trial and error you’ll probably find the brand of diaper that works best for your baby’s sensitive skin. There are a few name brands out there which fragrance their diapers. Many moms report that these diapers irritated their babies skin, resulting in a severe rash that begins on the baby’s bottom and can even travel to the torso or legs.

Before investing in a large quantity of one brand of diapers, think about buying a few small packs to see what agrees with your baby’s skin the best. You can even ask a fellow mom friend of yours if you can have one or two of the diapers that they have on hand. This will provide you with the experience of using those diapers without buying an expensive box. If you do notice that your baby is developing a rash on his or her bottom or they seem to be fussy during diaper changes, consider their diaper as potentially being the culprit. You don’t want to rule out an allergy to something that you or the baby is eating. Being a mom can sometimes result in you having to be a bit of a detective at times, but a little bit of trial and error goes a long way in making sure your baby is comfortable and safe.

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