Expectant Mother Support Groups, Get The Help You Need In Your Journey

Pregnancy can be a worrisome journey, especially for first-time mothers. You always need someone to help you understand your new self-better, get comfortable with the changes you are experiencing, and feel connected with a group that understands you. While most local hospitals do not offer mother support groups, you are still not alone in the journey. You have family, friends, and millions of other United States women pregnant at every single time. Online forums, mother support apps, and social media groups are great places to connect with people you share a similar experience, learn from others, and be confident.

Why Are Maternity Support Groups Important
Pregnancy is a fantastic journey. The thought of holding your baby for the first time can be exciting and frightening at the same time. It’s normal if you feel anxious, but anxiety can lead to depression if you don’t put it under control. Similarly, every expectant mother goes through a unique journey, with some having challenging experiences.

All these factors can negatively affect your mentality, resulting in stress or depression at worst. Your mental health is fundamental in your journey and your child’s development, both during pregnancy and after birth. As a result, you need a group of people you can trust with your fears, anxiety, stress, and experiences. You need to talk out your heart to those who understand you, are willing to help, and have the ability. That’s where support groups come in. The forums and groups are formed by qualified doctors and other expectant moms who understand your journey. They help you connect, fight social isolation, reduce anxiety during delivery, and deal with depression during and after pregnancy.

The groups help you face your journey with confidence, connect, and enhance your experience.

Expectant Mother Support Groups and Forums
Here are apps, websites, and social groups you can trust for support during pregnancy.

1. Sprout App
The Sprout App is a product of doctors and other expectant mothers determined to help you have a healthy pregnancy. While there are no social forums to connect with other moms, the app is an excellent source of new mothers’ information. Here, you find all the tools you need for your journey in an easy-to-use app.

The Sprout App features a contraction timer, kick-timer, weight gain tracker, and other tailored information on the symptoms to expect as your pregnancy progresses. Similarly, the app has an organizer to help you schedule prenatal tests and appointments with your physician.

2. Baby Center
Baby Center has several support groups with thousands of users who share advice and their experiences. To use the website, insert your due date or click on “Try to Conceive.” You will receive tailored information during your pregnancy journey and weekly emails with updates on your child’s development.

Similarly, you can join their “Birth Club” and interact with mothers with whom you share due dates. You can also check their “ovulation calculator” and know the best days you can get pregnant. All this information will help you prepare and plan for your conception and pregnancy. There are several chat topics and groups you can connect to and socialize with other moms and experts.

3. Blossoming Mothers Online Support Group
Blossoming Mothers Online Support Group offers you a platform to connect with other moms and learn from their experiences. You also get to share your fears and experiences. If you need professional help, you can also get support from a knowledgeable motherhood counselor.

4. Postpartum Mood Disorders Community
While mothers often struggle with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, their partners also face the challenges. Postpartum Mood Disorders Community offers various chat rooms to help parents facing postpartum mood disorder (PPMD) challenges. These rooms include topics like birth stories, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and alternative treatments for mothers.
They also offer chat for supporters and spouses. Please create an account with them and join your favorite chat room.

5. The Bump
The Bump offers broad support from preconception, during pregnancy until your baby reaches toddlerhood. The website also features information like deals on baby items, baby registries, and due date clubs. They have a “Real Answer Section” where you can get solutions for all kinds of questions.
The Bump also has forums created by other experienced mothers and experts. Some of these include topics like baby showers, finances, weight gain, etc. Get them through a computer website computer or your phone’s app.

6. What to Expect
What to Expect When You’re Expectant started as a typical pregnancy book. However, it has grown into a resourceful pregnancy support group website where moms-to-be can learn about conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more.

You can connect with other experienced and expectant parents for advice or explore weekly pregnancy symptoms and the alterations in your body. Similarly, you can also get advice on various topics relating to children and parenting, including nutrition, car seats, etc. Likewise, they also have several groups to connect with other expectant mothers, including the due date club for mothers sharing expected delivery dates.

7. Surviving Single Parenthood
The pregnancy journey can be thrilling and scary in the same measure. You are happy about being a parent but also scared of how the parenting journey will be. As such, mothers require a lot of support from both family, friends, and partners during this time. In case you are traversing the terrain alone, whether by choice or circumstances; Surviving Single Parenthood is the partner you can trust for support and connections. This Facebook group has experts and moms-to-be who are already on the journey and willing to make yours healthy and comfortable. Check them out today, join the group and start socializing.

Expectant mother support groups are a great place to stay optimistic about your pregnancy journey and connect with other mothers passing through the same. They are great places to deal with postpartum depression and anxiety resulting from the process. If you also feel socially isolated or want emotional support, they are a great resource.

However, they are not ideal platforms to trust with professional advice and medication. If you need medical guidance or have extensive complications, we advise you to visit an experienced doctor, gynecologist, or pediatrician.

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