Guide to Newborns to Toddler Clothing Sizes

Babies grow very fast, and you’ll find that you’re going through quite a bit of clothing during the first couple of years of your baby’s life. From those tiny little newborn onesies to 5T outfits, there’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to clothing sizes. If you’re about to have a new baby in the next few months, you’re probably starting to prepare. The kind of clothing that you choose will often depend on when the baby is due. A summer baby will require some cooler clothing that will prevent them from overheating. Winter babies need to be bundled up in warm sleepers and heavy daytime clothing. Not sure what sizes to choose? Let’s talk about some helpful information.

Preemie Clothing
You don’t typically prepare for a premature baby, but this is a situation that occurs to many infants. It’s likely that your preemie is going to be smaller than your average newborn, so you may have to head out to pick out some quick preemie outfits. Otherwise, your baby will be swimming in their newborn clothes. Your child will likely grow out of this size pretty quickly, so don’t buy too much to start out with.

The newborn clothing size generally fits a baby that is anywhere between 6 and 9 pounds. This is another size range that your baby will usually grow out of quickly if they’re thriving. You’ll be doing a lot of diaper changes when you have a newborn, so make sure that you’re picking out clothing that’s easy to change. Onesies are nice because you don’t have to take off much. You simply unbutton a few buttons, change the diaper and snap them back together. Opt for a few newborn sleepers and a few newborn outfits. It’s practical to skip elaborate outfits at this age. You won’t feel like putting your baby in them, and they’re definitely not going to be comfortable in them.

Three to Six Months, Six to Nine Months, and Twelve Months
These are the three other sizes of baby clothes that you can choose between. Three to 6 month clothing is a bigger step up from the newborn clothing your baby has been in, but you won’t see a huge difference until you go up to the 6 to 9 month bracket. This is when the legs get longer on the clothing, and you’ll find everything seems a bit wider as well. You should buy a good mix of these size ranges, but don’t buy too much at once. You never know how quickly your child is going to grow, and their clothing will vary by season. You could be stuck with a lot of 12 month clothing that you simply can’t put on your child because it’s too hot or cold outside to use what you bought ahead of time. If you insist on investing in a lot of clothing ahead, you can buy layered items. This allows you to remove or add clothing accordingly.

Toddler Sizes
Once your baby has turned 1 year old, you’ll likely be switching over to toddler sizes. Toddler sizes are labeled a bit differently. You’ll see clothing marked as 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T. The letter T stands for toddler. There’s not a ton of sizes in between, and you’ll be buying clothing that will last almost the entire year for them. You just have to decide what to buy based on the season. This is another scenario where you don’t want to buy anything ahead. If your baby hasn’t arrived yet, stick to clothing for their first year only.

If you have concerns with what you should be buying before you baby arrives, you can find some helpful resources online that explain what basic clothing is the best investment. You can also speak with one of the sales people at the store you’re shopping at. They’ll be able to give you a good recommendation of what you should buy before baby arrives. While you don’t want to overbuy, you also don’t want to be empty handed. You’ll have your hands full when baby gets here, and you should be worrying about your recovery. You don’t want to have to pack baby up and go clothing shopping when they’re nursing every couple of hours.

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Published 2020/12/20

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