How to Avoid Chapped Nipples

Many women deal with chapped nipples during pregnancy. It’s sort of strange that this happens, and most women don’t even know about it until it starts to happen. The following will help you understand why this might happen and what you can do to prevent it.

Why Would Your Nipples Chap?

The reason you experience this is likely linked to some of the hormonal changes you’re going through.

Pregnancy creates a whirlwind of hormonal changes that can affect your breast and nipples.

One of those changes is that your breasts are going to get a little larger. This puts pressure on the skin around your breast, including the nipple area. You know how sensitive nipples are, so you probably see why you might develop chapped nipples during pregnancy.

Ways to Prevent Chapped Nipples

The following should help keep your nipples in good condition:

Better Bras

The reality is your breasts are going to get larger, as just mentioned. Some women notice this change but don’t get a new bra; that’s not a good idea. Your nipples are going to be pretty sensitive from all the changes you’re experiencing.

You cannot continue to wear the same bra because you’ll likely irritate your nipples more than they already are. In addition to making sure your bras fit well, they should also have soft padding inside to give you as much comfort as possible. Learn how to choose the right bra. There’s a technique to it, and it’ll come in handy because you’re going to need nursing bras sooner than you think.

Use a Lubricant

This one might seem a little strange, but it can make a difference. You can use a lubricant in this area to stay safe. Part of the reason some women develop this issue is because their nipples are constantly irritated by the fabric they’re wearing, no matter how soft the fabric is.

Yes, some fabrics are better than others, but any fabric that constantly rubs against your nipples is not good. If you want to avoid this issue, use petroleum jelly; just a dab should be enough, but you should keep a little extra if you need to apply more throughout the day.

Try Talcum

Sometimes, nipples chap because there’s too much moisture. If you feel moisture is the problem, then you might want to consider using talcum powder.

This is an easy solution because talcum absorbs moisture pretty easily. With the moisture gone, your nipples will feel much less friction, and that should keep your nipples as healthy as possible. Again, you are going to need to keep talcum powder with you at all times to make sure you can add more if necessary.

Apply a Bandage

Yes, you read that right. You can apply a bandage. No one can see your nipples, so no one should care that you’re wearing protective bandages over them. You know or can imagine how painful chapped nipples can be, so it makes sense to prevent this even if you have to resort to wearing bandages.

You just have to choose a bandage that’s big enough to cover the entire area, and you have to be sure the adhesive is high quality. Some low-quality bandages might not stay in place too long, so make sure you get good ones. Carry a few extra ones, just in case you need to replace them. A bandage should prevent your nipples from rubbing the fabric too much.

Reduce Movement

It’s important to reduce movement. You know that the reason people develop chapped nipples is partly that they are irritated by what they’re wearing. If you want that to stop, don’t do as much movement as you normally do.

Yes, of course, you need to exercise since you’re pregnant, but don’t do anything else after that. Also, it might be a good idea to wear a sports bra. Be sure it’s your size and that it’s soft enough because you need all the softness you can get right now.

These are just some things that could help you avoid chapped nipples. If you deal with this problem, you should talk to your health care provider to see what other steps you can take to prevent this uncomfortable phenomenon.

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