Infant-Safe Tubs

Bath time can be a frustrating and difficult chore for any new parent. The idea of bathing your newborn in a tub of water can pose many different threats and can be a very overwhelming situation. In addition, most newborns do not enjoy bath time, and this can cause a severe amount of anxiety for new parents.

Parents must be able to support their child in the tub, get baby wash out of the container and wash their baby all at the same time. While trying to multitask your infant will be swarming around and trying to get out of the tub. To help make this process much easier and less worrisome, one of the best additions to any household is a baby safe bathtub.

What is a Baby Safe Tub?

Infant safe bathtubs are a standalone tub that creates a safe and secure place for your baby to take a bath. They typically include a foam insert that you can use in a baby basin tub or in your sink. It allows you to fill up the bathtub with a small amount of water and place your baby inside. These tubs will conform to your baby’s body position and help support them during the bathing process. It helps prevent rolling during the bath and can minimize the risk of drowning or swallowing water. While these tubs are safe for infants and can be used for the first six months or more of life, parents always need to stay with their child during the bath to prevent injury and death.

What to Look for In An Infant Bath?

Every type of infant bath is a little bit different and comes with several different benefits and downsides. If you are an expectant mother, you may want to ask other parents about the tub that they used and if they would purchase it again. Some of the main features you may want to look for in an infant bath include type of bath, size, depth, ability to use in different locations, safety features, affordability, temperature gauges and more.

There are many different types of infant bathtubs and each one will come with different features. The standard baby tub is a plastic tub basin that allows your baby to sit upright or lay flat above the water while taking a bath. It features a mesh insert that conforms to your baby’s body and can typically be removed as needed. This tub is great because it can grow with your baby for the first few months of life.

Another popular type of baby bathtub is the foldable tub. This tub can be folded up and stored so it is ideal for families who do not have a lot of storage space or multiple bathrooms in the house. Another popular space saving tub is the inflatable tub. This one will inflate and hold your baby in a position to help them bathe and stay safe.

If price is not a concern, you can always opt for a luxury baby bathtub. This tub typically features many of the high tech features that other baths do not have. Many luxury tubs include temperature gauges, vibrations, water jets, battery power, shower nozzles and more. They can make bath time a more pleasant experience and allow parents to keep everything in one place. They are often difficult to store because they are not able to fold up nicely.

There are many different bathtubs available for new parents and the exact type you choose to get will depend solely on personal preference. One of the most important features that new parents may want to get is a temperature gauge. While some tubs will come with a temperature gauge already attached to the tub, some parents may choose to purchase this separately. Making sure that you bathe your baby in warm, but not too hot, water is a stressful thing to worry about. A temperature gauge can help ensure that you are giving your baby a bath in 100 degree water and help you maintain peace of mind during bath time.

Another important feature of a baby safe bathtub is a water fill line. This line will help you determine exactly how full the tub should be for infants. In addition, all tubs should also feature a no skid surface. This will prevent tipping and slipping during bath time and will help keep your newborn safe. New parents should also look for a tub that has a drain plug. This plug will make filling and draining the tub much easier.

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