Must-Haves for Baby Bath Time

Bathing your baby is often a nerve-wracking experience. Babies are slippery and the thought of dropping a baby cuts the nerve of most any new parent. Time eases that nervousness as you become more comfortable bathing baby. The more that you bathe your baby, the easier it becomes. To make bathtime even easier, make sure you have all the items that you’ll need to cleanse the baby during baht.

Baby needs just a few simple supplies to make this experience more than a time to get clean but also bonding time with mom or dad.

Must-Have Baby Bath Supplies

Baby product manufacturers make a boatload of bathtime baby products, but not all of them are necessary. Nothing wrong with buying these things for your baby, of course, but you can also stick with the basics should you prefer. Bathtime essentials baby definitely need includes:

– Baby Bathtub

– Bathtub spout cover

– Baby shampoo

– Baby soap

– Baby lotion

– Baby washcloths

– Rinse cup

– Bath thermometer

– Hooded baby towels

– Baby toys

Baby Bathtub

Baby bathtubs help prevent a slippery baby from slipping around in the tub. Purchase a soft foam pad to use in the bathtub until the baby is bigger. The foam pads are comfortable and keep the baby safer. Baby bathtubs cost anywhere from $10 – $20 to $75 or more.

Bathtub Sprout Cover

A tub sprout can hurt a small baby if he bumps his head against it. The sprout can also burn or injure a small baby or child. Bathtub sprout covers prevent the risk your little one sustains any type of injury. They install in seconds and cost just a few bucks each.

Baby Shampoo

Unscented, tear-free versions gently cleanse the baby’s scalp without causing irritation or allergies. Avoid any baby shampoo that contains harsh ingredients like parabens that can also irritate the baby’s delicate skin. Ask mom friends which baby shampoo product they recommend for added assurance in your purchase.

Baby Wash

Follow the same rules for choosing baby shampoo when choosing baby wash. Specialty washes, such as lavender-scented options, offer soothing bathtime comfort for fussy babies. Many baby product manufacturers offer an all-in-one baby wash and baby shampoo version as well.

Baby Lotion

Slather on the lotion after the baby’s bath. That new baby smell is quite nice after the bath and the baby will drift right off to sleep because he is comfortable and relaxed. Do not hesitate to give the baby a mini massage as you slather lotion on after the bath.

Baby Washcloths

Baby washcloths are extra soft against the baby’s delicate skin. They also come in perfect sizes for a baby’s pint-size body. Baby washcloths come in assorted styles and designs suited to every need.

Rinse Cup

A cup from the kitchen works, but purchasing a specialty rinse cup is the best option. Specialty cups come in fun shapes and designs that kids love and they prevent shampoo from running into a baby’s eyes. Rinse cups are inexpensive and alleviate a lot of trouble, especially as your baby grows.

Hooded Towel

Hooded towels make it easy to keep your baby warm and dry after bathtime. Hooded towels come in cute designs, like animals and cartoon characters. They contain hoods that wrap over the baby’s head. Personalized options are also available.

Bath Thermometer

Monitor the temperature of the water in the baby’s tub with a handy bath thermometer. Basic styles, as well as fancy designed thermometers, give parents confidence that baby’s bath is at a safe temperature, preventing burns and scalds. Just dip the thermometer into the water and in seconds, you will know if the water is safe for the baby.

Baby Toys

Don’t overdo it with toys, but do offer your little one a colorful, fun toy or two. Bathtime is far more exciting when there are toys nearby. Toys can also ease headaches for baby’s that do not like bathtime. Tons of bath toy options suit baby’s of all ages. Grab a few for bathtime fun.

The items above are baby bathtime essentials every new baby needs. The list of items available for bathtime is far greater than what is listed above. Those items are not necessities for a safe, clean bath for baby, but always nice to have around.

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