Newborn Checklist: What to Buy Before Baby Arrives

There are very few life-events that produce advice like announcing you are expecting your first child. First-time parents have a tough task kitting out their baby long before they are even born. First-time parents are bound to be unsure about what to expect when their baby arrives. Making sure a few much-needed items are in place will ease the mind of a new parent and make sure they are ready to bring their baby home comfortably and safely.


One of the challenges every parent faces is buying the clothes needed for a newborn baby. The size of babies varies greatly, with clothing sized by age. A newborn sleeper is on the shopping list of every first-time parent, but some babies will be large enough to fit into sleepers for three-month-olds. A first-time parent needs to purchase a range of clothing from newborn through to three-months-old. Having a mix of sizes available will make it easy for the right sleepers to be available after birth, with two sleepers being available at all times to avoid any problems with spills and throw up.

Overall, a baby needs between seven and ten sleepers providing easy access to diapers. Five to seven pairs of stretchy pants are needed to make it easy for a new parent to change diapers and limit laundry issues. Keeping a newborn baby warm is a challenge, with a first-time parent choosing outer layers that are easy to remove. Fleece-lined jumpsuits are a good option for cold days, with sweatshirts and sweaters options loved by first-time parents.

Choosing attractive outfits is a fun part of being a parent. The accessories should not be ignored, with socks and hats required to keep a baby warm and comfortable throughout their first few months of life. Socks should be inexpensive because babies will lose these regularly, along with hats that protect against the UV rays of the sun.

Travel Systems

Getting a baby around can be cumbersome, with strollers heavy and taking up a lot of trunk space. New parents should buy a travel system that includes a car seat and stroller, which makes it easy for a new parent to travel confidently. A travel system allows a baby to remain in their car seat and moved from stroller to car without waking from a nap.

Feeding Accessories

The majority of new mothers choose to breastfeed, meaning nursing bras and nipple ointment are required. Nursing bras make it easy for a baby to be fed with less time and effort needed to start feeding the baby. If a new parent chooses to bottlefeed their infant, a mother needs access to a breast pump, bottles, and formula. Bottles need to be kept clean, with brushes and sterilizing equipment required to maintain good hygiene.

Home Accessories

When your baby arrives home for the first time you need access to a swing to give you time to complete your daily errands. A swing will keep a baby entertained and soothed while lulling them to sleep in a comfortable seat. Swings are available with mobiles, lights, and music that will give a new parent time to clean bottles, start laundry, or take a shower.


Creating an inviting nursery setting is a fun part of preparing for the arrival of a first baby. Every parent should decide to use an approved crib and mattress that have been shown to limit the risk of health issues while sleeping. In the approved crib, a baby should be made comfortable with waterproof mattress pads and at least four sheets to cover the mattress. Sleep sacks are recommended, instead of using comforters that can be dangerous for a baby to use.


There are several choices for diapers a new parent can use. Each parent needs a supply of diapers in various sizes to make sure they keep the baby clean and healthy until they are potty trained. Buying several sizes of diapers will make sure plenty are available when a baby grows rapidly.

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