Reusable Diapers: Snaps, Velcro, or Safety Pins

Reusable diapers are a great way to save some money when you have a newborn. They eliminate the need for having to constantly buy disposable ones. Once you’ve invested in your startup stash of reusables, you really don’t have to spend much money moving forward. This is especially true if you opted for some of the cloth diapers that allow for multiple sizing. They usually have some sort of closure system that allows you to tighten your diapers more or less, whatever your baby needs. The way that a diaper closes really depends on the brand. Most diaper brands will use the same type of fastener across their entire product line. The most common closures include snaps, Velcro or safety pins. What you choose is really a matter of preference. If you’re not sure which you should use, we have some helpful tips that can help you along the way.


Snaps are commonly used on reusable diapers these days. You’ll usually see a plastic version of a kam snap. These snaps are a very small circular disc. One end has a small opening in it, the other end has a tiny raised dot that snaps into the other side. They come in a variety of colors, and they hold up in the washing machine. This makes them a wise choice for cloth diaper usage. You may see metal snaps out there, but they’re less commonly used. They don’t hold up as well if you’re doing frequent washes. You might start to see a little bit of rust over time, which isn’t something you want to see bleed onto your fabric. Since these snaps are on the smaller size, most cloth diapers will have them located in a few different places so you can adjust the size of the leg holes, adjust how tight the diaper is around the stomach area, etc.


Velcro is another method used for closing a reusable diaper. If you’re going to go with this style, make sure that you’re buying a diaper that utilizes a very strong Velcro. Otherwise, you’ll find that the Velcro rips open when your baby becomes a bit more mobile or when you sit them up. One of the downsides of Velcro is that it can start to pick up lint from the cycle of washing the diapers. Over time this can affect the look if you’re not able to remove the lint off the Velcro. Some people also find that Velcro will start to lose its strength the more you use it.

Safety Pins

Safety pins were used many decades ago when all you used for diapers was a piece of absorbent cloth that was folding around the baby’s diaper region. The problem with safety pins is that despite their name, they might not be the safest option for your baby. There are special diaper safety pins that have plastic or rubber coatings on the top of the pin, but there’s still a risk of the pin coming dislodged or open. Regardless, this is still a method that you can sometimes find when you’re shopping for reusable diapers for your newborn baby.

In addition to cloth diapers being affordable for your family, they’re also really eco-friendly. You will be rewashing the cloth diapers over and over again, rather than buying new packages of disposable diapers each week. Those diapers can really add up if you think about the amount of diaper changes that you have to do over the course of one day for a baby. Before you make a decision regarding what you want to buy, it can be helpful to try a few different styles out. If you have a friend that has cloth diapers, see if they’ll let you come by and take a peek at some of them. You can also head to a retail store that carries cloth diapers. You’ll be able to see some different styles in person before you make a decision.

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Published 2020/07/12

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