Self Care Before Baby Arrives

Never miss an opportunity for self-care, especially if you are expecting. Although nothing in this world is more important than the life you are bringing into the world, the round-the-clock care baby requires can leave you exhausted. The next nine months are your final pre-parenthood days. Life changes dramatically when you are a parent. Things that you once did without a care in the world now become major events and obstacles. Take time to enjoy pregnancy and self-care often. The following ideas are a few self-care tips for expectant moms.

Make a List

Make a list of things you want to do that you might not have time (or energy) for later. Include places you want to visit, things you want to eat, and adventures that you are ready to (safely, of course) experience. Cross off as many things as possible from this list before the baby arrives.


You deserve something special. Do not be afraid to treat yourself to an ice cream cone every Friday after work or a manicure from the local spa. Nothing says I love me more than indulging in your favorite things on occasion. Pregnancy gives an extra reason to give in to those things a little more often.

Host a Party

Host a home party with all your friends. Decorate, serve Hors d’oeuvres and make it a night to remember. Or, if you prefer something more low-key, a simple gathering with friends and family at your home. Hosting parties and gatherings is not easy when the baby arrives. Enjoy the rewards hosting an event provides now since it might be some time before you are up for it again.

Take a Road Trip

Get in the car and go wherever the road takes you. The adventures and discoveries you find may very well impress you. Of course, you can always pre-plan the trip if you prefer more structure to the day. Even a trip to a nearby town is full of potential for excitement.

Make a Pregnancy Book

A pregnancy book or pregnancy journal provides space to jot down thoughts, feelings, emotions, cravings, and any other information you want to remember. You can attach photographs inside the pregnancy book as well. Might as well do this each now!

Write a Blog

Detail every step of your pregnancy journey through a blog. Once you create a following, writing is even more exciting. You can continue updating the blog after the baby arrives or use it as a keepsake memory.

Hang Out With Your Girls

Friends always will be around, but they may feel like they are placed on a back burner after a baby comes into the picture. Spend time with the girls now to show that you are committed to your friendship. Do all the things that you love with your girls, as often as possible before the baby makes its debut.

Read a Book

Immersing yourself in the storyline of a good book presents opportunity only on rare occasions once you are a parent. Sit down with that book you’ve been meaning to finish or a title you would love to read.

Schedule a Couples Massage

Any spa day is relaxing and refreshing, especially for an expectant mom. Add spice to your relationship as you enjoy all those awesome perks of a spa by scheduling a couples massage.

Go Shopping

Shopping with baby in-tow is challenging, especially as a new mom learning the ropes. Enjoy your solo, diaper bag-free shopping excursions now while you can. The list of things to buy to welcome baby is endless, so head on out to your favorite stores and get your shop on!

Keep Romance Alive

The couples massage idea is one of many ways to keep the romance alive as your body changes during pregnancy. Take every opportunity to add romance to the day, whether it’s a romantic meal at home or a getaway for the two of you to focus on each other.

Complete a Puzzle

Putting together a puzzle keeps your mind sharp and takes up a good amount of time. Choose a puzzle with an image you fancy and start putting those pieces into place. When baby arrives, those 500-piece-puzzles suddenly turn into soft foam Mickey and Minne Mouse pieces.

Go to Sleep

Consumer Health News reports new parents average less than five hours of sleep per night during the first year of their baby’s life-and sometimes even longer. You are running on memories of sleep and likely a lot of caffeine in a few short months. Get all the sleep now so you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when the baby makes its introduction into the world.

Learn Something New

Most of us have long lists of things we would like to do but have not for one reason or another. This could be the final opportunity to learn something new for quite some time. Take advantage of a class that teaches you a new skill. You can meet other people as you learn something new. Whether it is crocheting, cooking, pottery, or even computer skills, take time to learn something new!

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