Top 10 Baby Changing Tables

While many things about having a baby are unpredictable, there is one thing that will always be certain. You will be changing a lot of diapers every day.

No parent enjoys the process of changing a diaper and in fact, most parents may even fight about whose turn it is to change the next diaper. New parents will struggle to change diapers at first without getting everything all over the house. In order to make the process of changing diapers more organized and much cleaner, every expectant parent should try to add a changing table to their nursery.

Changing tables allow you to keep everything organized and in one single place. It is the perfect height to help you change a diaper because it will prevent you from having to bend down on the ground and hurt your back and knees. They also provide ideal storage and some can even act as a dresser. If you are considering buying a changing table for your home, here are some of the top ones on the market and the benefits that they offer.

1) Badger Basket Modern Baby Changing Table

This table is ideal for any nursery because it is the optimal size for even a small room. It has all of the organization and storage you could ever need, which helps you keep everything in one place. It has a large laundry compartment to place all soiled clothes and three pull out drawers to store clean clothes, diapers, wipes, and other baby necessities.

2) Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

This changing table is a beautiful table that features a large space for changing baby, guard rails for added security, and two open shelves for storage. This stylish and sturdy changing table will give you a safe place to change your baby and make for an easy clean up.

3) EGREE Baby Changing Table

This portable table is easy to move and easy to use. It is great for parents on the go. It features four locking wheels, and adjustable height mobile, and a small storage net. The storage net is great for holding diapers and wipes to make diaper change easy. The waterproof mat is great for an easy cleanup.

4) Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table by Badger

This table is designed like a sleigh and works great in any room of the home. It is a wonderful addition to a parent’s room or a nursery room. It includes a hamper for dirty outfits or can be used as a trash can. It also includes three cloth storage containers for holding all necessities. It is the perfect height for changing diapers and is very sturdy.

5) Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

This affordable changing table is ideal for families who want a simple changing table that will stay in one place. This wood table comes in different colors to match any décor of the room. It includes small guardrails for added safety and two open shelves for storage.

6) Graco Changing Table

This table is one of the safest on the market because it comes equipped with a very large guardrail on one side and three smaller rails on the other sides. This makes changing diapers easy and safe because you do not need to worry about your baby rolling off the far side. It also features two open shelves that you can add your own baskets to for easy storage.

7) Costzon Changing Table

This foldable diaper station comes in different colors to match your needs. It features a small organizer on one side for holding diapers, wipes and clean clothes. It has a small fabric shelf on the bottom for added organization. It has one open side and three guardrails for security and added comfort. It is ideal for those who travel a lot or want increased functionality of changing diapers anywhere in the home.

8) Badger Diaper Corner Baby Table

If you want to save space, this corner changing table is ideal. It works great in small rooms and allows you to maximize space. It includes a hamper and one other closed storage container. It also features four smaller open shelves and a changing pad.

9) Storkcraft Table and Dresser

This changing table functions as a dresser for baby and includes six different wooden drawers. This is one of the heaviest and most sturdy tables available. It is a large changing table but serves multiple functions because it can also work as a dresser.

10) FORSTART Rolling Changing Table

This changing table is a rolling and foldable table. It is made of waterproof material for easy clean up. While it is foldable, it also features a large organizer that hangs on the side of the table for better organization and easier changes.

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Published 2021/03/13

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