Top 10 Baby Monitors To Buy in 2021

Baby’s naptime and bedtime are the best opportunities for parents to attend to other things on the to-do-list or relax. However, most parents feel uncomfortable leaving their baby in one room to attend to other duties in another room. That’s why a baby monitor is a great asset since it gives you peace of mind. While doing other tasks or catching up with some Netflix favorites, you can still keep your baby within your watch.
Here, we documented some of the top picks you need to consider while shopping for a baby monitor. Let’s dive in.

  1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor
    Would you like to catch even the slightest details from your child’s crib? This baby monitor is your best option. It’s famous for its interchangeable lenses and comes with a zoom lens to give you a close view regardless of how far the camera is from the crib. You can also use your monitor to adjust the camera remotely.

Similarly, the monitor has a decent picture and sound quality and long battery life (up to 12 hours on battery-saver mode and 8 hours when the display screen stays on). It also displays the room temperature and offers two-way communication for you and your baby. If the view isn’t big enough for you, you can consider purchasing its wide-angle lens sold separately.

  1. Motorola MBP3 Baby Monitor
    If you live in a big house or have multiple kids in different rooms to monitor, this is your go-to option. Its remote tilt and pan let you capture a perfect view of every room and has lullabies to calm your baby at the press of a button while you finish up your chores.

The Motorola MBP3 baby monitor is highly convenient. Comes with a 1000-foot range, can connect up to four cameras in different rooms. It’s easy to switch between cameras on your monitor. It also has a temperature display, strong reception, good image, and two-way communication.

However, watch out for its loud beeping sound when turning on. Best to keep it out of sleeping kid’s earshot.

  1. Nanit Nanit Plus Smart BM and Wall Mount
    This device is the new must-have tool for every parent. It helps you understand your child’s sleeping patterns and sleep developments.

With a computer vision, the monitor studies your baby’s movements, analyzes the patterns, and offers insights into the child’s sleep developments. It Tracks the time it takes for your child to fall asleep and how many times you visit the nursery. Similarly, the app offers customized sleep coaching hacks depending on your child’s unique sleeping patterns. You can also stream videos and audio on your phone and watch while you are away from home.

However, the statistics are part of Nanit Insights, which is a subscription-only service. You will get the service free for one year after purchase, and then you’ll have to pay $100 to access the unlimited video.

  1. Summer In View 2.0 Color BM
    If your budget is fixed, this is your best choice. While it retails at less than $100, this device lets you enjoy almost all the functions that its expensive counterparts offer. It comes with a big screen, a built-in night light, a rechargeable handheld monitor, and zooming capabilities. It can also connect up to four cameras, and you can mount it on the wall or place it on a flat surface.

The only downside is that its video isn’t so good and may not give you a sharp view. But still, it’s enough to give good results.

  1. Philips Avent Dect Monitor
    Do you want an audio-only monitor? The Philips Avent Dect Monitor is the best option for quality and functionality. While it retails slightly below $100 (a bit expensive for an audio-only baby monitor), its features are worth every dollar you will spend. It has five different lullabies to calm your baby while you’re still busy, offers a two-way intercom, and has an accurate nursery temperature display.

Similarly, you can remotely control night lights and set microphone sensitivity to ignore soft whimpers. The battery goes up to 18 hours and still has a battery saver (ECO) mode to extend battery life.

  1. Arlo Baby
    It’s a feature-rich device that uses motion and sound detection to help you watch over your baby from your phone or PC. It’s smart, with amazing HD video and the cutting-edge night vision to give you sharp videos day and night. It also comes with a custom music player, air sensors, multicolored night-light, and rechargeable batteries.
  2. Owlet Owlet Smart Sock 3 & Cam Bundle
    If you are guilty of waking up a thousand times to check if the baby is still breathing, then this is your must-have monitor. This device takes baby monitoring to a higher level. It records your child’s heart and oxygen rates while the baby sleeps and notify you when there’s anything odd in the patterns.

Simply download the app, slide the sock-like wrap (Very comfortable and comes in three sizes to grow with your child) over your baby’s foot. The best part? You can use your HSA or FSA funds for the purchase. However, it’s not verified to prevent SIDS.

  1. Google Nest Cam Indoor Camera
    If you want to watch over your little one, your nanny, and ensure all-around security at home while you are away, this is the ultimate solution. It provides live streaming on a smartphone, and you can also rewind to view activities and photos for up to three hours. Also senses sound and motion and sends an email or phone alerts on any irregularity.
  2. VTech DM 221 Audio Baby Monitor
    Here is another great option if you need an audio-only baby monitor. It allows a two-way intercom, uses DECT 6.0 transmission technology, with up to 15 hours of battery life. It has a vibration sound alert if you mute it and a night light on the baby’s unit you can use during nappy change or night feedings.

10. VTech 223 Audio BM
Here comes another great device from VTech. It also offers audio-only monitoring. The parent unit has a backlit display and is rechargeable. It also has a 1000-foot range and offers very clear transmissions. Unlike most audio-only monitors, the VTech 223 BM provides a built-in intercom for two-way communication, making it the favorite for many parents.
Similarly, the vibrating option and lighting when it senses sound make it an excellent fit for anyone with a hearing problem.

Deciding on the best baby monitor basically depends on your personal needs and what fits into your house. The first step is to analyze why you need a monitor, how you will use it, and your budget limits. That will widen your options’ scope and help you purchase the best device and an effective option for your needs.

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