Top 10 Breast Pumps of 2021

One essential baby item that most expectant mothers will need is a breast pump. A breast pump allows mothers to pump their breast milk and store it for their baby. While some mothers may choose to use formula or to exclusively feed from their nipple, this is not ideal for most new mothers.

Many mothers know that they will not be able to be around their child all day, every day, for one full year (which is the recommended timeframe to breast feed). If new mothers plan to go back to work or want to share the feeding responsibility with the father, they may choose to pump. Pumping allows you to pump your milk when you cannot be around your child and store it for use later.

If you are planning to breast feed you will likely want to add a breast pump to your registry. Since this item will be used frequently, and likely used if you have another child, you want to make sure that it is comfortable and will stand the test of time. Here are some of the best breast pumps of 2021 that all mothers should consider. It is important to understand the different benefits that each pump offers so that you know which one will benefit you, your needs and your lifestyle the most.

1) Medela Pump in Style Advanced On-the-Go Tote

This breast pump is ideal for mothers on the go or mothers that plan to go back to work soon after giving birth. This pump comes already built into a bag, so it is easy to pack, unpack and carry around. It has everything you need in one place and is easy to conceal. It features different suction capabilities with different speeds to help you get a desired pump. It allows you to pump both or one breast at a time to ensure that you are always comfortable.

2) Medela Symphony

This breast pump is a wonderful pump that provides a great deal of suction to help increase milk flow. It has been proven to help increase your supply and mimic a baby’s natural suction. It is a hospital grade pump and is actually used in many hospitals around the world to help new mothers. While this pump is more expensive than home brands, you can easily rent this pump if you are set on breast feeding but having a difficult time starting.

3) Spectra S1 Electric Breast Pump

This pump has many benefits for new mothers. It is a lightweight and portable option, so it is ideal for mothers who plan on pumping away from home and going back to work. This pump comes with different features like an adjustable pump. It allows mothers to pump both or one breast at a time. It features an ergonomic handle and two different power options, including a power cord and a battery.

4) Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump

If you are not concerned about pumping quickly and would like to stick to natural methods, you may want to try this manual breast pump with silicone suction cups. This is one of the most budget friendly pumps on the market. It allows you to manually express milk from your breasts and save it for your newborn. It is great for women who are not sure if they want to pump and are interested in trying it out.

5) Willow Discrete Pump

This pump is ideal for women who are planning to work during the first year postpartum or those who plan on traveling a lot. Most pumps require the use of a power cord to operate and this can impact where and how you can pump. Fortunately, this pump does not require the use of any cords so you can pump wherever and whenever you want. This pump fits under your bra and allows you to pump discretely. It can only hold a small amount of milk so you may need to bring a milk storage container with you to hold all the milk that you will produce.

6) Medela Harmony Manual Pump

This pump is another affordable and manual pump that is great for women who are planning to pump sparingly. It features a large and ergonomic handle to make the pumping experience much easier and more comfortable. This pump is very portable and quieter than an electric pump. It is much more concealable than traditional pumps and is great for women who want to pump only when it is needed and not as a first choice.

7) Medela Freestyle

This pump allows mothers to pump without having to stay still and remain in one position. It is one of the lightest models on the market and is a convenient option for those who are often too busy to sit still for a half hour. It is easy to carry around and easy to operate.

8) Lansinoh Double Pump

This double pump has a digital control system that allows you to easy set your settings and see how long you have been pumping for. You can easily pump both sides at one time and see exactly how much milk you have produced. This is a high quality pump for a very affordable price.

9) Phillips Avent Manual Pump

This pump is a manual pump that requires no cords or batteries. You are able to pump on your own and is ideal for women who do not plan on pumping a lot or simply want to save all of the milk they produce after the initial feeding. If your baby does not drain your breasts you can use this pump to help you increase your supply. It is a great manual option that is very affordable.

10) Bellababy Double Electric Pump

This electric pump is an affordable option with high tech features. It features a HD screen that allows you to control all of the different features on the pump. It has a strong suction capability that helps to increase milk flow. It allows you to pump one or both sides at once.

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