Top 5 Adorable Baby Mobiles

One of the most traditional items to have in a nursery is a baby mobile. These items have been around for a long time because they are not only adorable, but they also serve a great purpose. Baby mobiles give your baby something to look at, and sometimes hear, while they are laying in their crib at night. Mobiles provide a relaxing environment that can help your baby fall asleep each night. Getting a baby to sleep and stay asleep is one of the most difficult things for both new and experienced parents to do. These amazing mobiles can significantly help.

1) KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Music

This mobile is one of the most adorable and fun mobiles that parents can choose from. This mobile attaches to the side of any crib and provides exciting and educational objects for your baby to look at as they relax in their crib and fall asleep. It features a spinning top with four different animals. Each animal is a different color and different pattern, which will help your baby explore the world in an exciting way. It features a ceiling light projector with stars to help provide added relaxation. You can turn the music and sounds on with the flip of a switch to ensure constant music as your little one sleeps.

2) Mini Tudou Baby Musical Crib

This mobile features music, lights, spinning animals, rattles and a remote control. The remote control is a wonderful addition to this mobile because it allows parents to have control over the lights and sounds of the mobile without ever having to enter the room and disturb their sleeping baby. It has two different settings for the lights, both a nighttime and daytime light. This is great for providing your baby with stimulation during the day and relaxation at night.

3) Lambs & Ivy Signature Mobile

This is one of the most traditional mobiles you can find. It includes detachable blue and white bears that spin above the crib. It includes a spinning attachment on the mobile that you can spin to start the mobile. There is a on and off switch for the music as well. If your baby does not like a lot of noise and lights, this calm mobile may be the perfect option.

4) TUMAMA Remote Control Giraffe Baby Crib Mobile

This mobile is a large giraffe that attaches to the side of the crib. It includes four different shapes that spin above the crib, which are all different colors. It includes a remote control and projection lights to help soothe a baby to sleep and help keep them asleep.

5) Wooden Baby Crib Mobile

This is a very affordable option for parents who want a standard and traditional crib mobile. It includes ladybugs and flowers. The objects do not spin, but they provide something exciting for your baby to look at while they are in their crib. The objects are on large strings so it will promote hand eye coordination as your baby tries to grab them.

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