Top 5 Baby Clothes Dressers for your Nursery

Every bedroom should have a dresser or some other furniture piece to hold and store clothes and other personal belongings. The biggest concern for infants and toddlers should not be how to store their clothes. Rather, it should be ensuring that the dresser you choose is safe for them. One of the biggest hazards for children in their own home is having dressers or bookshelves that are not sturdy and fall over. This can cause serious injury and even death, so it is incredibly important that parents choose a strong and sturdy dresser for their child’s room. Here are some of the best dressers that parents can feel good about placing in the nursery.

1) Storkcraft Avalon 6 Drawer Universal Dresser

This dresser serves multiple functions because it works great as a dresser and as a changing table. While it is not specifically designed to be a changing table it can be used as that for infants and then used as a open shelf as the child grows up. This dresser features six large drawers for ample storage. It is a wide and low dresser so it is very safe for children of all ages.

2) DaVinci Kalini 6 Drawer Dresser

This is one of the most sturdy dressers available because it is an extra wide dresser. No matter what type of flooring this dresser goes on, it will be incredibly difficult to tip over. This dresser features six drawers and comes in four different colors to match any room. This flat top dresser is great for displaying pictures, trophies or any other items that your child will want to display as they grow up and continue to use this dresser.

3) Kamiler 7 Drawer Dresser

This modern looking dresser features a metal frame and fabric storage containers. This is ideal for holding clothes, toys, diaper necessities and more. It is a great option for safety because it is much lighter than other wood dresser options. This is also a very affordable and stylish choice for any bedroom.

4) Sorbus Dresser

If you are looking to save space, this five drawer dresser is a great alternative to traditional dressers. It features five fabric bins in a stylish dresser. It can work great in a closet or in the bedroom itself. You can change out the fabric drawers as a child gets older to match the overall color and theme of their room. This dresser may be smaller but it is a great storage option.

5) Delta Children Bentley 6 Drawer Dresser

This traditional looking wood dresser comes in three different wood shades. It is a wonderful addition to any bedroom and can be adapted to give any room a more natural look. These drawers are wide and deep do they allow for a great deal of storage. It can help you declutter any room, while giving parents peace of mind about safety. It is sturdy and durable so it will not need to be mounted to a wall of properly assembled.

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Published 2020/07/05

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