Top 5 Bib Recommendations for Newborns

There is no such thing as a neat eater when it comes to babies. Whether your baby is eating from a bottle or enjoying their first bite of food, the food or milk is going to get everywhere. To help prevent a mess in your home and an hourly outfit change, it is highly recommended that all newborns wear bibs. Bibs can help save parents a lot of time and money. Rather than changing clothes after each feeding or soiling new and beautiful clothes, you can simply place the bib in the hamper and use again after washing. These top bibs are some of the highest quality and most widely used bibs for experienced parents.

1) Gerber unisex newborn dribbler bibs

These bibs are a great option for all expectant parents to add to their baby registry. They are simple white cotton bibs with a Velcro section to easily and comfortably fit around your newborns neck. They are one of the most affordable options. These white bibs are great for baby showers because you and your family and friends can customize the bibs. They allow you to get create and make your very own one of a kind bibs for a great price.

2) Bumpkins Bib

These bibs are larger than a typical bib, which is ideal for messy eaters. They cover the entire frontside of your baby to prevent spills and stains. They are waterproof and easy to clean. They can easily be wiped off with a paper towel and used again. They are ideal for travel and moms on the go.

3) Green Sprout Snap and Go

This plastic bib features a snap on the back for easy on and off. It is a plastic bib so it is easy to wipe off and keep clean. It features a small pocket on the bottom of the bib so it can catch a large amount of food. These bibs feature fun and creative designs that all children will be excited to wear.

4) Green Sprout Milk Catcher Bib

These newborn bibs are great for babies who use bottles or are breast feeding. They are comfortable for babies sitting up or laying down. They feature an innovative neck design with added support and comfort. The padded neck fits nicely around the neck to catch milk or drool. These things can cause severe irritation around your babies neck but the use of this bib can prevent that irritation. These are cotton bibs so they absorb most things very quickly. They are machine washable for easy and effective cleaning.

5) Honest Baby Bandana Bibs

These stylish bandana bibs are a wonderful option for newborns and toddlers. They are made of 100 percent organic cotton so they work great for sensitive skin and messy eaters. They are reversible and come with many creative designs. These bibs are machine washable and can be tumble dried to ensure easy cleaning. These are affordable bibs they often come in a five pack to ensure you always have a clean bib ready to use.

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