Top 5 Disposable Wipes Safe for Babies

Every experienced parent will tell you that you should never underestimate wipes for your baby. They are an absolute essential in the home, diaper bag, car and any other place you may go. They help clean your baby’s bottom and prevent diaper rash, but can also help wipe up stains and spills on almost any surface. They are miracle wipes for every new and experienced parent. While disposable wipes are critical, it is essential that you find ones that are free of harsh chemicals and safe for your baby’s skin. Here are the top five disposable wipes that every new parent should consider using for their baby.

1) Pampers

Pampers wipes are one of the best disposable wipes on the market. The main ingredient in these wipes is water so they are labeled as non toxic and safe for baby. You can find a wide selection of these wipes at any store, including complete clean, sensitive and regular. Each wipe is a little different with their ingredients, but work the same. If you notice that your baby has very sensitive skin consider using the sensitive option.

2) Kandoo Flushable Wipes

These wipes are great because they are flushable and help reduce the trash build up in your home. They are ideal for the potty training stage because your child can use them to wipe up after themselves. They are moist to ensure a thorough clean and also include lotion to provide added comfort. They offer a hypoallergenic option and a melon scented wipe as well.

3) Babyganics

These wipes are great for parents who are trying to be more eco friendly and want to avoid harsh chemicals. These wipes are formulated from plant based materials and are free from chemicals that may irritate skin. They are safe for babies with sensitive skin because they are made completely from all natural ingredients.

4) Honest Company

These wipes are made with 99 percent water and use only natural ingredients making them a very safe option for newborns and toddlers. They leave out all of the harsh chemicals that act as irritants on your baby’s skin. They can be used on the bottom and on the face for multiple purposes. These wipes are also thicker than a typical wipe so they can deliver a fresh and clean feeling that parents will feel good about.

5) Huggies Nourish and Care

Huggies offers a wide selection of wipes, however, their Nourish and Care option is the best. These wipes are formulated with cocoa and Shea butter to help care for all of your baby’s diaper and wipe needs. They can help combat diaper rash and provide a clean and moisturized feeling. They help remove dirt and grime while adding lotion to the sensitive area. These wipes are also thicker than other wipes so they are able to wipe away more with less wipes. They are ideal for when your baby already has diaper rash and you are trying to soothe the area.

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