Top 5 Newborn Baby Toys

The common phrase that “newborns only sleep, eat and poop” may seem true for many parents, however, this is not the case. During the first three months of life babies are changing drastically and learning from everything that they do and see. It may seem pointless to spend money on newborn toys, but most toys will actually benefit the overall development of your newborn. These toys can provide added stimulation and improve the motor development of newborns. Here are some of the best newborn toys for all new parents to consider getting or adding to their baby registry.

1) BABY K Foot Finder Socks and Wrist Rattles

The traditional rattle has been completely innovated with this new and exciting toy. This rattle attaches to the wrists with a small piece of Velcro and acts as a sock. Each portion of these rattles includes a fun character with different designs and textures. Once you attach these rattles to your newborn they will want to find out where the noise is coming from. This helps them discover their extremities and allows them to begin moving to find the sound. It can stimulate brain development and encourage play.

2) Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy

This ball is a wonderful toy because it is a bendable toy that allows your baby to chew and grasp even with their small hands. They will enjoy playing with this toy while doing tummy time. They can watch it roll and experiment with cause and effect when they touch it and see it move. The rattle inside of the ball and the caterpillar attached to the outside of the ball will give them added things to look at and enjoy.

3) BeeSpring Kid Baby Crib Handing Rattle

This stroller and car seat toy is wonderful for helping children stay entertained while driving in the car. It hangs from the car seat handle and encourage babies to look up and reach up with their hands. This can help improve motor and sensory development because most newborns do not have enough toys above their heads. It includes a teether toy and a mirror that will encourage play and discovery.

4) iPlay, iLearn Baby Rattle Toys

These fun and exciting rattles encourage the motor develop and muscle development of all newborns. They are equipped with different sounds, textures, and colors that will improve brain function and get them excited about playing with new toys. These rattles are safe and fun to play with. They come in all different shapes and sizes so your baby will be able to explore all of the new senses they are touching and chewing on.

5) Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

This one of a kind toy is a great addition to any toy box. This wheel activity is great for newborns but will be used for years. It has a suction cup that allows it to attach to mirrors, windows and other hard surfaces. Your newborn can watch the wheel spin and see how the balls and rings spin as the wheel spins.

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