Top 5 Nursing Covers for Privacy

According to recent statistics, about four out of five new mothers choose to breast feed their babies. Breast feeding has many documented benefits for the health and well-being of a child. It can help improve their immune system, reduce allergies, and provide the perfect bonding time for mother and baby. While most women make the choice to breast feed their babies, it can be an uncomfortable experience for some if not done in a private setting.

No matter how much you plan to only feed your baby within the comfort of your own home, this is likely an unrealistic expectation. Babies will eat whenever they are hungry and cry until they get food. This means that new mothers will often have to feed in a store, at a restaurant, in the park, or at a family member’s home quite often. Though attitudes are changing, they will likely face stares from strangers as they try to feed their baby. When women are placed in this uncomfortable situation, it may reduce their ability to breastfeed and soothe their child appropriately. To help give privacy, many women many choose to use nursing covers. These covers help provide privacy for women to feed their baby and reduce the stress that is associated with breastfeeding. If you are planning to breast feed and want to have additional privacy, here are some of the best nursing covers available today.

1) YOOFOSS Nursing Cover Breastfeeding Scarf

This versatile and affordable nursing cover has many different purposes and is one of the best options for mothers looking to breastfeed. This cover works as a nursing cover, car seat cover, stroller cover and car seat canopy. It can easily be folded and placed on the car seat or in a diaper bag. It is made of lightweight material and allows for optimal airflow to ensure easy breathability when breastfeeding. It allows for 360 degrees of coverage and can help improve a mother’s confidence and ability to breastfeed in public. It can be used during all seasons and features stylish designs for both boys and girls.

2) UHINOOS Nursing Cover

This nursing cover is made of lightweight cotton and resembles an apron that can be used for breast feeding. Mothers can easily see their baby nursing through the wide opening at the top of the cover. The top features a plastic ring that maximizes privacy and breathability. It also features an adjustable neck strap so you can position the cover at a height that is ideal for you.

3) LUCINE Baby Nursing Cover and Nursing Poncho

This nursing poncho is another ideal nursing cover that allows for 360 degrees of privacy while breastfeeding. This poncho easily slips over a mother’s head and allows them to feed their baby without worrying about others seeing them. It also works as a car seat cover and a stroller cover, so it is a great multiple use gift. It is great for mothers who are always on the go and like to be outside. It can shield babies from exposure to the sun and the wind. It is made of lightweight and soft material, so it is comfortable for both mothers and their babies.

4) WeeSprout Nursing Cover

This nursing cover looks like a shirt and helps increase privacy for breastfeeding mothers. It is made of a breathable and stylish fabric that can make breastfeeding in public must easier. It is machine washable and dryer friendly so you can easily wash and dry as needed. It works as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, stroller cover, changing pad, scarf and more. It can help keep newborn babies out of the sun and help keep them comfortable in a variety of different locations. It comes with a money back guarantee to help provide all new mothers with peace of mind.

5) Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover

This nursing cover features an adjustable strap that allows mothers to feel comfortable while looking at their baby and breastfeeding. If you do not like feeling trapped by nursing ponchos, this apron may be the perfect option. It is easy to use and can easily be folded and stored in a purse or stroller. It comes in different colors and patterns that will match any items that you already have for your newborn. It is a large cover so it can be used with babies of all different sizes. It is a one size fits all cover and features an extra wide neck strap for easy breathability and security. It is an award winning nursing cover ideal for mothers looking to breastfeed in private.

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