Types of Diapers

ou feel that bundle of joy kicking in there. The baby is telling you the time is near, and with it, comes all the things you have to worry about as a new parent, including diapers.

One thing that surprises new parents about diapers is there are many diaper options. You should be familiar with them so that you can choose what you need.

The Disposable Diaper

The disposable diaper is the one you picture when you think about diapers. It has an absorbent pad between two fabric sheets.

Part of what makes this diaper so popular is the absorbent pad just mentioned. It contains chemical crystals, and while this might sound strange to folks who love everything natural, these crystals are quite effective. They can suck up almost 800 times their weight in urine or moisture.

Once these crystals absorb the moisture, it’s turned into gel. There’s a lot of action happening inside the diaper. This feature allows a baby to urinate a few times before a change is needed.

The Disposable Underwear

Disposable underwear is similar to a diaper, just like the one just discussed, but it’s more comfortable and not as bulky.

These are for older kids who might not wake up during the night to go to the restroom. Of course, these are also used for kids who urinate in bed.

It’s important to remember that each brand offers something slightly different. Allow your kid to use a few brands until you find one he or she is comfortable with. They’ll be using this underwear overnight, so it has to be comfortable or your kid won’t be able to sleep too well.

The Pull-Up

It would be nice if you could start potty training your baby as soon as the bundle of joy comes out of the womb, but that’s not the case.

You’re going to have to wait a bit. When your child is ready to be potty trained, you’re going to have to switch to the pull-up diaper. So what is a pull-up diaper? It’s a regular diaper. It has all the things you just learned about diapers except it’s designed to feel like regular underwear.

Each diaper company adds different features to the pull-up diaper to help your baby learn to potty. Some have a wetness liner, which is there to make sure your child feels wet when he or she urinates. This feeling will be uncomfortable. Your baby will want to change and might learn that the only way to avoid that feeling is to just go to the restroom, pull down their diaper, and go potty.

Other pull-up companies add disappearing characters or symbols. These characters or symbols fade as your baby urinates. When the characters or symbols fade, your child may want to remove the diaper to get a fresh one with their favorite characters on it. They may also learn they can keep their favorite characters or symbols longer if they go use the restroom.

The Cloth Diaper

You finally made it to the cloth diaper. This is the oldest solution to this problem that continues to see a rise in popularity.

Those who don’t want their babies exposed to chemicals are turning to cloth diapers. These come in all sorts of absorbent fabrics like cotton, terry, flannel, hemp, wool, or maybe even flax. You can purchase a diaper made with regular fabric or one that’s organic and unbleached.

There are many cloth diaper options today. Some come with flushable liners, while others come with washable inserts. The flushable liners are usually natural and biodegradable.

People who are concerned about the environment go this route, but it involves some work. You have to wash each diaper after it’s soiled. The good thing is you won’t be spending too much on disposable diapers since you don’t have to buy these diapers often.

All-in-One Diapers

The all-in-one diaper is pretty bulky. It does everything you expect from a diaper except it can hide an extra diaper for you. Yes, this is part of the reason some parents love these diapers.

When you’re out and about, you want convenience. Changing a baby isn’t too convenient, especially if you have to worry about looking for a diaper. This diaper has the extra diaper you’ll need on your outing. All you need to do is fold your extra diaper and place it into the diaper’s pocket.

Contoured Diapers

The contoured diaper is going to look like a regular diaper with a few differences. For one, it has a narrow crotch and wide wings. You may be wondering why you need wide wings.

They are there so that you can wrap them around your baby’s waist. Depending on which brand you get, some are going to need diaper fasteners to stay in place, while others come with Velcro to make things easier. These diapers are used overnight to ensure nothing leaks out while the child sleeps.

Pocket Diapers

The pocket diaper is a waterproof covering that has a pocket inside where you can insert a washable or disposable liner. Some folks also put a diaper in the pocket, so you can use it however you want. Usually, these come with Velcro to help keep the covering in place.

Pre-Folded & Unfolded Diapers

There are pre-folded diapers and unfolded diapers. The pre-folded option can be used for girls or boys; it depends on how you insert them. The unfolded diaper is just a flat fabric. You have to make sure they fit your baby’s shape, and once you have the shape, you can use a diaper fastener to keep the unfolded diaper in place. Both options can be inserted into a waterproof cover.

Now, you have various types of diapers to choose from. It’s a big diaper world, but don’t worry about this. You’re going to have enough time to figure out what you want and which of these diapers will satisfy your needs.

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