Types of Strollers

There are various types of strollers, and they all serve a specific purpose. As a parent, you should know what strollers are available to you and how they can make your life easier. The following is an overview of some types of strollers, what they can do for you, and what they can’t do for you.

The Full Stroller

The full stroller is probably the most popular type of stroller. People may stumble upon this as they’re checking out stroller types. Sometimes, this is referred to as the standard stroller.

You should be able to use this every day to run most regular errands. This is the stroller you probably see in parks as moms go for their daily walks.

The full stroller anticipates the needs of a parent as much as possible. This type of stroller normally comes with a wide handlebar for added comfort. It comes with several storage compartments, including some that are large enough to handle things you need as a parent like diapers, cleaning supplies, and maybe some formula.

Sometimes, you’ll find a cup holder because a parent might get thirsty at some point during the day, and the stroller should be able to hold your bottle or cup safely as you run errands. Depending on the brand, these types of strollers come with attachments to ensure you can continue to use the stroller as your baby grows.

It should be pointed out that this type of stroller is pretty heavy, so portability can get a little challenging. Try to keep that in mind because if you know you need to walk up or down the stairs you may start hating this stroller.

The Lightweight Stroller

The lightweight stroller is another favorite, and you may be able to imagine why. You could say this is a more manageable full-sized stroller. If you look at it, the design will remind you of a regular full-size stroller, but there are a few differences.

For one, it is much lighter, so you can maneuver it with ease. The lightness also makes it more portable. If you are always on the go, then this is the stroller for you. It’s important to pay attention to the details because all lightweight strollers are not created equal.

Some come with shoulder straps that make it easy to carry on your back after you fold them down. It should be pointed out that this type of stroller usually doesn’t recline all that much. Sadly, this means it cannot be used for newborns.

The Car Seat Stroller

The car seat stroller is a pretty practical choice. Everyone loves to buy one product that serves more than one purpose. It’s almost like you’re buying two things for the price of one, which feels good.

What you have here is a stroller that does everything it should do for you, and it transforms into a car seat.

Usually, you don’t have to do much to convert the stroller into a car seat, which should be pretty handy. This is especially helpful if your baby falls asleep during your outing. You won’t have to wake your baby up to put him or her in the car.

Again, a lot of companies sell this type of stroller, so make sure you pay attention to the details. Some are easier to convert into a car seat than others, so test these out.

One downside of these strollers is that your baby is going to grow. That car seat won’t grow with your baby, so you’ll have to either replace the stroller or go back to a separate car seat.

The Convertible Stroller

The convertible stroller can be adjusted to your needs. It gives you the freedom to change the seating you’re going to use for your baby and fit your overall needs.

Now, all this depends on the brand and model you’re looking at, but you can find all sorts of options that you might fall in love with. Try to give yourself enough time to find the best option for you. With a little patience, you should find the right convertible stroller.

Some of these strollers have frames that expand to give you a little more space if needed, like for storage or if you have more than one baby that needs a seat in your stroller.

If you have a newborn, then be sure you have the bassinet stroller attachment because that option gives your baby a flat place to lie down.

Once the baby grows, you can add a new attachment. You could even flip the attachment so that your baby is facing you. This is a good idea not only because you get to see your baby smiling back at you but because babies need to see expressions and mouths talking.

All these choices, security locks, and what not make convertible strollers a little confusing to modify when needed. This could be a drawback, especially if you can’t find the manual someday.

The Double Stroller

The double stroller is another type of stroller you might have to consider. Of course, this type of stroller accommodates parents who have two adorable babies, but that’s not the case all the time.

Some parents have their babies back to back and need a place in the stroller for both babies.

There are a lot of models out there, so just look for one that looks right and feels comfortable. Don’t skip the test drive, and make sure it’s weighted down.

Bring your babies along if you need to because an empty stroller is always going to handle well. You need a real test before you make a decision. Typically, with these types of strollers, you get a lot of storage near the bottom, which is going to be great when you’re taking a stroll with not one but two little bundles of joy.

There are some obvious drawbacks. These are very heavy, and they’re usually kind of wide. This makes it hard to get through narrow doorways or tight spaces.

The Travel Stroller

This one is pretty straightforward. It’s the type of stroller you want at the airport.

It has large wheels to handle all the bumps you’re probably going to experience as you make your way to and from the terminal.

Most of the time, these are easy to fold down. They are lightweight and can turn quite easily.

The drawback is they are very small. There isn’t any storage room, so they’re only good for one thing: going to the airport.

Jogger Stroller

Everyone runs and a new parent needs to run, too. You can bring your baby along if you need to run, and you can do that easily with the jogging stroller.

This is a fortified stroller, usually with three wheels to make it easier to turn as your jogging. This type of stroller is complete with a suspension system to help ensure your baby doesn’t feel like they’re enduring a never-ending earthquake.

The stroller comes with brakes just in case. It’s important to remember that this type of stroller isn’t for newborns, so you’re going to have to wait a bit if your little one just came out of the oven.

Hopefully, you find the right stroller on this list. Take your time as you browse through some of your options until you’re sure you found the one. Also, don’t be afraid to get more than one stroller to meet different needs.

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