Where to Find Baby Clothes

As a woman begins to approach the end of her third trimester of pregnancy, clothing for her newborn should be in place and waiting for the baby’s arrival. Baby clothing has to function well on many fronts. Good clothing offers the baby shelter against the elements and should also easy to put on and take off. Babies need to be washed, fed and changed. Well constructed baby clothing makes it easy to change diapers and remove soiled items quickly without issue. Finding baby clothing that is affordable, comfortable and practical can certainly be done even on a tight budget.

What You Need

All parents will need a few basics. This should include at least three outfits. This way, you can wash one and have two potential changes. Babies also need hats to protect their delicate heads from the sun even in the winter. Parents should consider other types of clothing. A special christening dress and other clothing for holidays such as dresses or a tiny suit for Thanksgiving and Christmas is one way to have cute baby pictures. A supply of onesies, undershirts with snap closures on the bottom, should be the staple of the baby’s wardrobe. Look for cotton that breathes and can be cleaned easily. Babies don’t need shoes until they’re ready to walk.

Used Vs. New

If you’ve already had a baby, you probably have lots of baby clothing from the previous child. Using clothing you already have has a few advantages, including obviously cost. Used baby clothing is familiar to parents, but older clothing, however, may have stains and holes or other issues. Examine all items carefully before the baby arrives and throw out items that have problems. You don’t want a jumper that makes it hard for you to fit the baby’s feet inside because the sides are frayed.

Buying new baby clothing can be ideal, if costly, especially if you’re a first time parent. Items should be sturdy and lasting. Examine each piece clothing and look for seams that are well sewn with closures that are easy to open and keep closed. Think about details. The ruffles at the neck of the dress may look pretty but they’ll also be likely to show every single stain and can be hard to put on and off.

Many parents get baby clothing as presents during a baby shower. Have a look at each item. Your friends and relatives like to give items they find cute. These are good choices when you’re taking the baby out in a stroller and want to show her off. Keep in mind babies come in different sizes. There’s a large difference between a baby born at six pounds and one born weighing nearly nine pounds. You’ll want clothing that fits and allows for some give at the ends.

Inexpensive Options

One thing to remember about babies: they grow up quickly. Clothing that fit last week might not fit a few days later after the baby goes through a growth spurt. In many cases, a baby will wear something once or twice and then it becomes too small. You can take advantage of thing if you’re tying to keep to a budget. Many parents are happy to give away a pile of barely worn things for a few bucks or a smile.

Yard sales, church rummage sales, and online site like eBay are an ideal place to stock up on baby clothing. Expectant parents will often find lots of options to create a baby wardrobe. An older baby can also find lots of things to wear at a thrift store as well. Be cautious when looking at things for sale at second hand or charity locations. While the people who run charity sales typically only offer good quality items, sometimes things may slip through. An item may have tiny stains you don’t want or even an off putting scent. Look at closures. The last thing you want is a zipper that catches on your baby’s fingers.

Good Shops

Certain shops specialize in baby clothing and their experienced and knowledgeable salespeople can help you make up your mind and find the clothing you want. Dress the baby for the seasons. However, bear in mind that babies lose heat faster than adults. Even in the middle of the summer, you’ll want clothing that shields the baby’s delicate skin against the sun. Babies should have clothing that allows them to stay on their backs when sleeping to reduce the risk of SIDS. Avoid putting on too many layers as it may lead to overheating.

Properly chosen baby clothing makes it easier to care for your newborn and is well worth the investment of time and money.

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Published 2020/12/20

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